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About Therapy

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy or Counselling is the leading ‘talk therapy’ used in educational, healthcare, social care and community settings. It is often engaged in helping individuals achieve higher self-awareness, motivation and acceptance in a wide range of life situations. These include career or life stage transitions, social or relational crisis, personal or emotional disturbance among other things.
As a professional practice, counselling is based on sound psychological, social and developmental theories. Professional counsellors apply these theories to help persons receiving counselling to better understand their situation, explore options, consider relevant factors, design appropriate coping strategies, prepare for their implementation and learn from the experience.


When do I seek therapy?

It varies from person to person. Some people uses counselling as soon as they sense a problem is growing in their lives, while others seek professional help when they feel overwhelmed. More often than not, a person’s readiness to engage in extensive discussions on a specific area of their lives that affects them is a condition for therapy to work well.


Services I Offer

Personalized Care and Guidance

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Psychotherapy for Adults

Grow Wisdom through Reflections & Awareness

Most of us reflect on our lives and recognise there are unresolved parts of the past. While most do not affect our day-to-day lives adversely or in a big way, some may influence the way we look at and treat matters such as relationships. Individuals may benefit from psychotherapy that focus on exploring personal experiences, thoughts and feelings on specific areas. Many develop insights about themselves which help them move forward in their lives. Professional counselling and psychotherapy offer individuals a safe and confidential space to work through these personal concerns


Marriage Preparation & Couples Counselling

Quality Marriage Life & Relationship Success

We engaged in a wide range of relationships in our lives, playing different roles: Parent, child, sibling, spouse and the list goes on. Some are more productive and enriching than others. It is also true that some affect us more than others. Hence learning from and keeping these relationships healthy make us more productive and fulfilled individuals. Consulting a counsellor on relational issues is a step in the right direction when one meets challenging relationships

Many couples recognised the importance to prepare for and continuously work on their marital relationship. Marriage preparation is a good start to a fulfilling marriage. Couples go through ups and down over the years as they work hard to start and build a family, their careers and their lives. Marriage enrichment sessions help couples recognise changes in their lives and help them support each other in adjustment and engaging the challenges. Marriage is a journey and having counselling support often helps keep the relationship healthy and productive.


Parenting Lab - Consultation for parents

Growing up together with your children

Planning for, setting up and growing a family unit can be an overwhelming process and task for couples at times.
Many psychotherapists or counsellors are experienced in working with couples through these steps.  Parenting sessions are also useful to help new or existing parents to begin or continue to reflect, learn and grow in their important roles to support their offsprings, as they move through the various lifespan development stages.


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